Unlock iPhone on iOS 6.1.4

Important Unlock 6.1.4 Prerequisite

Prior to unlocking, your iPhone must be running Apple’s latest version of iOS, which as of writing this article is 6.1.4 for the iPhone 5 and 6.1.3 for older models. Unfortunately, that means if you own an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 4S, you’ll be required to forfeit your evasi0n jailbreak. If you own an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 3GS that’s jailbroken on iOS 6.1.3 using Redsn0w, it must be restored to stockinstallation of 6.1.3. Once your iPhone is on the latest version of iOS 6, we advise creating a manual backup in iTunes.


Step 1: Obtain your iPhone 5′s IMEI (or any older iPhone model running6.1.3) by launching the Settings app and tapping General, followed by About. At this point, scroll down until you see the IMEI field and take note of the number listed.

Step 2: Submit your iPhone’s IMEI, to an established Unlock service of your choice. Again, we recommend using UnlockiPhone5sIMEI to unlock your iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, 4 or 3GS.

Step 3: Allow approximately 12 to 48 hours for your iPhone’s IMEI to fully process through your official carrier’s whitelist database – you’ll receive a confirmation email once the service has confirmed and verified the unlock on their end.

Step  4: Once you’ve received an unlock email, insert an active SIM card from an unofficial carrier, connect your iPhone to a computer via the standard USB cable and launch iTunes. If you receive an Unlock message, you’re done – if not, continue to the next step.

Step 5 – conditional: Allow roughly two minutes for iTunes to display an unlock message, if it fails to, a full restore is required. After your iPhone has been successfully restored to either iOS 6.1.4 or 6.1.3, continue to the sixth step.

Step 6 – conditional: Insert an active SIM card from the iPhone’s original carrier, connect to iTunes and allow for typical activation. Once the iPhone is officially activated on the original carrier, eject the SIM, disconnect your iPhone, insert another SIM from an unofficial carrier, then simply reconnect to iTunes.

If you find the IMEI unlock process at all confusing, try watching iCrackUriDevice’s in-depth video guide, which is embedded above.

Congratulations, upon the successful completion of this guide, your iPhone should be fully unlocked and will be able to function on virtually any cellular network.