Hey folks! Today my article will cover the absolute best iPhone 5 jailbreaks I’ve come across.

These softwares will Jailbreak your iPhone 5 immediately and automatically. The owners always make sure that they update their software so that it will function for the last iOS version. The other cool thing is that they work for all iDevices – iPads, iPods and even Apple TVs. All-in-one solutions!

The process is pretty darn simple with any of them – you install the app and then just follow a step by step guide. For any questions that you may have, they have support technicians on staff to help. If you’re really going to jailbreak your iPhone 5 – I would NOT suggest you try and be a hacker and do it by yourself. I’ve done that before – it’s a huge pain to deal with, and you also run the risk of bricking your phone (i.e. making it about as useful as a brick!). Use one of the following programs and get it all done safely and quickly. I’ll list them from favorite and onwards:

1) Newest iPhone Jailbreak

These guys are the cream of the crop and offer the best functionality and support. My top pick! They’re called Newest iPhone Jailbreak.

Their process is quick and simple, over in 5 minutes (sometimes less) and completely safe and reversible. I personally used it to jailbreak my own iPhone 5, but also jailbroke a few of my friend’s iPhones (a 4S and a 3GS model) and my boss’s iPad. All went through smoothly – the process takes 4 minutes usually from beginning to end – just hit the “jailbreak” button. By the time you’ve made yourself a tea, it should all be finished with.

These guys do a “Jailbreak & Unlock”  while some of the others do not. I’ll try and explain without being too technical – a jailbreak allows you to install 3rd party apps and even pirated apps (shhh!) on your iPhone or other iOS device. An unlock will allow you to use your phone with whichever mobile carrier network you wish – it will remove the lock that usually comes with contract phones.

Newest iPhone Jailbreak has a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked, so that should put your mind at ease. But what really makes me recommend this software wholeheartedly is that the owner is just a nice guy who wants to help people maximize the value they get from their iPhones. That’s also why their support crew is responsive.

The instructions were very easy to follow, and I thought the price was good with a few options (depending whether you would like some ‘bonuses’ with your purchase. I recommend the bonuses, but up to you!).

To sum it up, Newest iPhone Jailbreak are at the top of the Jailbreak solutions pyramid, while not being more expensive. I rate them a 9.5/10. Click here to check out their site now.

2) Apple Unlocker

These guys are another jailbreak solution I’ve used and can recommend. Before Newest iPhone Jailbreak was around, this was what I recommended people – so I guess I should write a bit about them too. Their Jailbreaking process takes a bit more time – usually something like 15 minutes. Not too long.

The 2 issues I had with them – well, the first is that their support staff was slightly less responsive. They don’t have online chat support or a phone number,and some e-mails only received an answer after 24 hours. That’s quite annoying if you need your iPhone right? (I know, I know, I’m an addict haha).

The second issue is they only offered a partial jailbreak without unlocking capabilities – so you have to stay with your carrier after you complete the jailbreak.

Overall I think it’s a decent solution in case Newest iPhone Jailbreak’s site isn’t working and you really want to Jailbreak immediately. The instructions were clear and easy and their software just works. Overall I’d rate them a 7/10. Click here to check them out.


3) iJailbreak Tool

So this jailbreak software is ok, but nothing special. It works to jailbreak iPhone 5 and that’s pretty much all I can say about it – that’s really the thing they get the most marks for as the jailbreak market is rife with scams.

The jailbreaking process took about 25 minutes from start to end with this software. The instructions weren’t all that clear – I think they were written by someone who wasn’t a native English speaker. I found their price a little expensive for my taste, seeing that this is what they have on offer. The customer service they had was acceptable – only e-mails and again, non-native support staff but they did give me a hand when needed (although it took a few hours). They have a phone number you can call but it’s in India… So I never tried it. Overall I’d rate them 5/10.


Anyway, that’s all from me this time. Cheers for reading this article and enjoy liberating your iPhone – until next time,