Software browses and can not find the ipsw file

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This problem can occur because of the way different browsers download the ipsw files.

Safari Browser:

Safari likly extracted the file during the ipsw download. If you change one setting you will be good.

Open Safari
Go to the menu bar (top of screen) and click Safari
Select Preferences
Go to General
Uncheck the box “open ‘safe’ Files after downloading”
Close preferences and download your firmware.
Note: Safari will probably label the download Delete the “.zip” so the file ends “.ipsw” by renaming the file. You will be asked if you want to keep
.zip or .ipsw, choose .ipsw and you are done.
If you don’t see the file extensions you have to disable hide extensions for known file types.
Click start >> computer >> tools (at top of toolbar) >> view >> then uncheck “hide extension for know file types”. Press apply, press ok.

Internet Explorer:

You have to change the file extension from .zip or .rar to .ipsw

1) right click and click on rename
2) if the name includes .zip, then simply change change to .ipsw
in not then
1) you need to open the files folder in windows explorer, if its on your desktop, then you need to navigate through computer.
2) go to tools, folder options, and click tab that says views
3) about 8 options down is a check box that reads hide file extensions, remove the check
4) rename your file again, and replace .zip with .ipsw.