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Software Browses and Can Not Find IPSW File

iPhone 4

Q:Whats going on with this jailbreak? I follow the instructions and get it done, but then Cydia crashes and my phone reboots and all i get is the apple logo? then i have to reboot my phone, any one else had this?

A:After any Cydia update or switch your phone off and on again you must boot tethered again. Once you get every thing working don’t do any more updates. It should work fine.

Q:Hi ! i just jailbreak my iphone 4 version 4.2.1 ~ Everything looks fine, one question.. I plug in the iphone to computer, it will not recognize by itunes ? i can’t do any sync… It’s normal or abnormal? please advise…

A:No this very abnormal ,the phone should work fine with any computer you plug in. Try different USB port restart, you computer and last try the boot tethered again.

Q:I have a factory unlocked iphone4 4.2.1 03.10.01, my question is 1. if i jailbreak it, will i lose the unlock? 2. Do i have to save SHSH using TU? 3. if in future i upgrade it to 4.3 or whatever, will i loose the unlock? Please help…too confused thanx so much

A:You will never lose your unlock by jailbreak or upgrading to a new firmware (4.3 or 4.4 or any). The worst will be that you have to restore using itunes. Your iphone will always remain unlocked.

Q:Running redsnow, step twelve is running and only fills 10-20% on iphone just standing download jailbreak data and after ~10minutes iphone reboots but redsnow doesn’t finish the step.. Whats going on?!

A:Make sure you using a computer with usb2 or use a different USB port. give it a go

Q:Hi anyone can help mi??? I jailbreak my phone then the cydia icon is white in color then i restore my phone using the firmware again but i can’t jailbreak my phone again..

A:You must redo redsnow but instead of installing cydia you boot tether

Q:Hey guys, any ideas about why I get an error with itunes ver. 10.1 when i try to restore my iphone4 to gives me the error : the iphone “iphone” could not be restored, an unknown error has occurred (1013) . Before this I was running on 4.1 and bb 2.10.04.. Can anyone HELP ?

A:Try to use another computer, especially if it has Win XP on it. Upgrade to the latest iTunes

Q:I ran the jailbreak (done this many time in the past, with no issues). Everything worked and got it all up and back up to the springboard. When I touch the Cydia icon (which is pure white BTW), it fails to launch. Rebooted phone and same results. A white square with Cydia below it that does nothing but crash :D Any ideas?

A:U need to reboot with red snow before that will work

iPhone 3gs

Q:Hi., it says above “If you are on 05.14 or 05.15 or higher you will need to do this to unlock.” well, I am with a GS on software v4.0 with modem fw 4.26.08. would I need to upgrade to the v6.x modem firmware, too, to unlock? also, how to keep my baseband (if possible) at v4.26,08? I mean, when I restore to default firmware 4.2x using rightclick restore in itunes then it would upgrade the baseband also, wouldn’t it?

A:I would upgrade and leave your baseband the same look for the tutorial to upgrade with out screwing up baseband. My baseband is still 4.03 from back in the day

Q:I’m using an iphone 3gs that has the old bootrom. after jailbreaking with redsnow, i found that it shows the white cydia icon. very strange.

A:There is one more step u need to go through…. read the last 2 or 3 instructions…You need to do the complete process one last time and you are set!!!

Q:Hi there. I have a 3Gs, 3.1.3., fw 05.12.01, it is jailbroken and unlocked. I would like to update to at least 4.1 but not sure how. I did download the ispw file. Would I just need to go to iTunes and shift click the restore and go to the ispw file??? Thank you for your help in advance. :)

A:Yes, you can do that without upgrading your baseband so you can keep your baseband and do the unlock, don’t use redsnow

Q:I followed up the instruction to jailbreak my 3GS and it was done completely but after rebooting, it has never started up and I just can see the apple sign even after half a hour. my 3GS was 4.1 and i tried to upgrade the base band to be able to unlock it. anybody can help me?

A:Once you have the Apple screen, start process where you push off button for several secs, then the home button then release the off button… it will work as if it was off.

Q:Need help please. I got past the first part, but when it goes to “Uploading ramdisk” . It simply stalls out and does nothing. I have tried it three times now, each time it seems to get less further along. I have left it for 15 minutes with no change…does anyone know the problem?

A:You need to right click over redsnow archive and set compatibility mode to win xp, after that, open redsnow and leave it open, then open the windows task manager, open “processes” look for redsnow, right click, set affinity, and then uncheck one of the cores… that´s it!!! It doesnt present problems with dual cores cpus…. good luck!!

Q:I downloaded the first file with no problems. I have the 4.2.1 version on the phone already so I don’t need to do step 2. Problem is the other link that is provided iPhone2,1_4.2.1_8C148a_Restore.ipsw downloads into a zipped folder. I can’t find this file inside it when I extract it. Not sure what to do, please help.

A:When u download sw, in the file type do “All file” and then add “.ipsw” ahead of the file name like this “iPhone2,1_4.2.1_8C148a_Restore.ipsw”.

Q:How exactly is the teethered boot done..?

A:By going to the file you extracted and click on the redsnow icon and select the tethered boot then next

Q:I tried this with my 3gs (older one) and when I was on the last step on redsn0w, redsn0w stopped working (I tried running as an admin too) and my phone stayed on the “downloading jailbreak data” screen and didn’t reboot, and I’m pretty sure I’m doing all of the correct steps and downloaded the correct fw. idk what to do. please help thanks!

A:Chang the affinity to CPU-00 only, using the task-manager for the redsn0w.exe process, just immediately after invoking the tool, but before any other input . Please ensure that you are running this tool as administrator.

iPhone 3g

Q:I’ve got a iPhone 3G, 4.2.1 FW 6.15. I tried to jailbreak and unlock my iphone. I was able to manage the jailbreak but after it, my iphone was unable to connect to the wi-fi (It connects and disconnect, can not sustain the connection). what could be the problem? What can I do?

A:Just restore the web set up in the iPhone and it connects to Internet.

Q:I had done the Jailbreak and the unlock tutorials successfully. my iPhone is 3G, now the OS is 4.2 and the baseband is 05.15.04 “it was 5.13 before the upgrade to 4.2″. However i have problem,, when i put the SIM card the iphone stay just searching for the network and after long it gives No Service and when i try to search for the network manual it says Unable to load network list!!! Some told me my baesband is wrong and it should 06.15 but what i understand from the tutorials that i need to upgrade to the 06.15 if the baesband was 5.14 or more,,,,,Kindly, I will be really thankful if you could help me to find a solution ASAP? thanks.

A:You didn’t upgrade your baseband to the Ipad one. You need to check the box “install iPad baseband” on Redsnow. it appears in the tutorial.

Q:I can´t find the way how to open the iPhone1, file. Help please

A:The Apple restore file extension should be .ipsw not .zip but when we download from IDM or browser other than Mozilla, it turns to .Zip so u just need to rename it back to .ipsw. When you first go to download and save the file. (better to do in Internet explorer) if you right click on the file instead of the normal left click, select save target as, then select the pwnage file BUT BEFORE you just press save, tap the name of the file twice so that you can add .ipsw to the end. then save

Q:Hi It worked for me. I had BB 6.15 and IOS 4.1 didnt worked for me. Good news is that 4.2.1 worked for me. I am able to use my iphone now. but I am not able to use itunes 9.1 it says i will have to have itunes 10.1 or above and 10.1 does connect to apple to authenticate you, I fear it may lock my phone again. Can canyone suggest please

A:It won’t lock your phone. You must install 10.1 if you want to use 4.2.1 on your iPhone.

Q:Hi All, I have an iPhone 3G, 4.0 with 5.13 baseband I have followed the tutorial and did the iTunes updating but when i came to the second step with the RedSn0w the procces stalled for long time then the iphone shutdown. I tried it many times and i have followed the tutorial carefully but same result,, kindly I will be really thankful if you could help me to find a solution ASAP? thanks.

A:It’s only compatible with windows XP, but you can get around it by right clicking on the .exe file and selecting to run as administrator. I can’t remember exactly what the option says but it’s more than ‘run as administrator’- you’ll recognize it when you see it. Good luck!


iTunes cannot restore errors – what do they mean?

Error 1013 You are trying to downgrade your 3G iPhone. You can’t do this. If you are attempting to install 2.2 firmware, this means that you are already running 2.2.1 firmware, and will need our piggyback unlock (See above to purchase piggyback at discounted rate)

Error 6 Your iPhone is in standard recovery mode. You need to be in DFU mode to restore to our custom firmware the first time (once your iPhone is running our firmware, subsequent restores can be done in normal recovery mode)

Error 1, Error 9 or Error 1403 This occurs for ANY restore. This happens if your USB connector on your iPhone is damaged, usually by using a car charger which has sent too high a voltage. This isn’t good, and will need a warranty replacement (if possible).

Error 1600 Your iPhone is in DFU mode but you have either a) not run the iPhoneUnlockUK_prepare command correctly (Mac) or b) You haven’t copied the x1222000_.ipsw file to the right place (PC)

Error 1601, 1602, 1603 or 1604 or other 16xx error There is some software on your PC which is causing an incompatability. Usually this is anti-virus or firewall software, but it could be 3rd party software. Try using another machine, failing that we might have to do it in-store.

Some of these errors are sorted by trying a different computer. Failing that bring or post it in-store where we can do it for you

I Can receive calls and send texts ok, but not make calls

You MUST have Show My Caller ID set to ON in Settings >> Phone

Can make calls but cannot receive despite having full service

Go to Settings >> Phone and ensure Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and TTY are all turned OFF

I cannot sync with iTunes after putting my sim in – it complains

This is because the iPhone was restored or activated with a legitimate sim in, and iTunes has detected a difference. This is simple to fix, make sure you leave your ‘illegal’ sim in the iPhone then just hold down home + sleep for 30 seconds, force iphone into restore mode, restore the iPhone using iTunes, then repeat the unlock.

iTunes cannot read the content of the iPhone?

If you`re getting a message that iTunes cannot read the content on your iPhone and if it asks you to go to the Summary tab and restore the iPhone to factory settings!

* Press Settings-icon on your iPhone

* Press General, scroll down to Reset and press that.

* Press “Erase all Content and Settings”

* Hold on while the iPhone resets itself.

The call / sms function only show the phone number and not the name of the contact person? First you should follow the guide to jailbreak your phone and install cydia onto your phone.

* Go to “Cydia-Icon”

* Press “Category-Icon”, scroll down to and press on iFon1,

* Press Scan. Sim Support, then press Install, hold on…

* Reboot your iPhone now.

* Done!

If you don`t find that application in your list that means you are missing a source file. To fix that go to:

* Sources at the bottom links.

* Then press EDIT at the top right screen, then + sign.

* In the URL input area write:

* or or

* Now after it updates, go back and search for that application.