3 September 2013
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Top Five Ways to Get the Most from your iPhone

iPhone-5S-color-FSMdotCOMIf you are like us, you probably spend more time on your iPhone than any other device and chances are that you want to optimize every possible feature the device has to offer.


Consider the following five tips to boost the overall performance of your iPhone:


Tip # 1: Maximize battery life


Unless you have 24/7 access to a super-advanced charging port or an arsenal of spare batteries, chances are that an extended battery life is probably the most important item on your wish list. Fortunately, there are several ways to maximize the overall performance of your battery life:


– When not needed, turn off 3G, Blue Tooth, and push notifications (Settings à General à Network). While the tradeoff is slower Internet speed, the battery life will certainly receive a much-needed performance boost.

– Turn off LTE to further improve your battery’s performance (Settings à General à Cellular).

– Jailbreak and unlock your iPhone to access advanced features (discussed below).


Tip # 2: Schedule the iPod App to stop playing music after a pre-determined amount of time


If you enjoy your favorite music on the iPhone, chances are that at times you do fall asleep while listening to the music. Don’t you? Did you know you can schedule the iPod App to stop playing music after a set period of time? (Hint: Select the Timer Option and specify the time duration).


Tip # 3: What to do when an app freezes dead cold?


Some apps are extreme resource hoggers. They tend to consume a large chunk of your device’s operating capacity. On reaching the tipping point, the app could literally freeze and arrest the phone’s overall performance indefinitely. If that were to happen, immediately reboot the phone by holding down the Home key and Power button for a few seconds. Voila — the Apple logo should reappear within as little as six seconds.


Tip #4: Let LED Alerts prompt you every time there is a notification


iPhone has an in-built system that alerts you every time you have a notification. Visit Settings à General àAccessibility àActivate LED Flash for Alerts.


[Some iPhone operating settings may accomplish the notification process in a slightly different manner.]


Tip # 5: Stop living in a virtual jail! Jailbreak and unlock your iPhone to access a host of advanced features, tools, ringtones, resources, customization options, apps, and so much more


Did you know iPhone 5 factory settings severely restrict your ability to access advanced features and download a host of free apps, resources, and other tools that could improve the overall efficiency, appearance, and utility of your device? Apart from the downloads, the restrictions prevent you from customizing the overall look and feel of your phone. Intentionally!


Fortunately, there is a perfectly legal way to circumvent these unnecessary and unreasonable restrictions. The technical term for changing the configurations is jailbreaking.


How to jailbreak?


JailBreakUnlock.info is a simple tool that can jailbreak and unlock your iPhone in just a few minutes. For an unbelievably low price, the tool offers lifetime membership and a series of benefits such as technical support and unmatched, world class technology.


Understand that jailbreaking is different from unlocking


While jailbreaking reconfigures your operating system to eliminate unreasonable restrictions, unlocking simply allows you to access other networks at your pleasure. JailBreakUnlock.info allows you to accomplish both.


What are the benefits of jailbreaking?


Dream of apps beyond the Apple Store


Apple has some stringent policies in place to limit your app downloads to those available in the Apple Store. While Apple has plenty of apps, some can be very heavy on your wallet. Fortunately, a lot of competing apps are available for free — yes, $0 — at venues other than the Apple Store. From apps that transform your iPhone into an entertainment powerhouse (including live movie/TV streaming capabilities) to others that help you organize your life, a lot of alternate options can help you get the most from your iPhone.


Once you jailbreak your iPhone you can access these apps by overriding the restrictions imposed by Apple. The process is 100% legal and millions of iPhone users opt to jailbreak every single year.





Customize your iPhone to suit your preferences and tunes — not iTunes’


Once you jailbreak, you can customize your iPhone in many ways. From the way you view pictures to some other advanced customization features, there are plenty of ways to modify your device with your personal signature and style. Institute your own themes and icons to give your device your own personal touch, modify the way information is displayed, and initiate critical changes to suit your whim.


Your iPhone could become a WiFi HotSpot


Though not possible with initial factory settings, once you jailbreak, you can access some unique apps that promise to transform your iPhone into a WiFi HotSpot. Share Internet connectivity, work with teams, link family members, and do so much more. Simply amazing!


More fun


Transform your iPhone 5 into an entertainment powerhouse through an advanced selection of fun, games, software, movies, utilities, and so much more. We are not talking about ringtones. There are so many more ways to access newer entertainment tools.


Enhance battery life


Jailbreaking lets you customize the phone to suit your specifications and style. You can turn-off resource-hogging features and improve the overall performance of your battery life.


Lower cost of calls


In addition to low-cost networks, you can tap into some very unique apps that promise to cut the overall cost of your calls. Some apps are designed for international calls as well.


Modify settings


Gain the ability to modify and streamline multi-step settings through super-easy protocols that can be accomplished in as little as one simple click.


The iPhone was designed by the finest geniuses in our country. It can accomplish so much more than what is officially permitted by Apple and its suite of partners. Thankfully, jailbreaking technology has reversed the tables to transform the iPhone from Apple’s revenue driver to a user-friendly device that works for you.

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