13 February 2015
Jailbreak iPhone 5
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The 3 Top Jailbreaking Solutions for Your iPhone Series

Jailbreaking the iPhone 5, 5C and 5s has turned into a common practice among iPhone users.  There was a time that not many people know the process.

If you want to jailbreak your phone, I highly suggest and recommend that you seek a reliable and competent jailbreaking services online to on your Apple devices. A jailbreaking attempt on a iPhone 5s can be reversed most of the time, unfortunately you might need to dish out some money for some professional to fix. There are worst case scenarios when jailbreaking attempts are not conducted accordingly and the owner ends up with an unusable phone.

Just like most things in this world, prevention is the key. Don’t try it at home until you are sure how to do it. But no sweat, I’ve listed the top three choices that will provide you a plausible, workable solution when it comes to Apple jailbreaking though I have to be honest, these choices comes in different degrees when it comes to customer service.

My number one suggestion would be the iJailbreak Pro. They have the complete and all-round jailbreaking services for the Apple iPhone series. They are fast and efficient as it takes only around 5 minutes to finish the process and it has relatively affordable and standard price. Another plus is that you get to have your iPHone 5 series unlocked.  

Most mobile phone carriers would charge you a lot of money when it comes to “freeing”  your iPhone but in this service, you do not only get to have the luxury of getting this with a jailbreak so that you can go on using any network that you like.

Their technical and customer support are great as well. They would gladly help you from the basic jailbreaking and hacking information to the complicated ones.  Their customer support does an extra mile by offering by giving additional information when it comes to jailbreaking and other worthwhile applications, Cydia, features, and other jailbreakingiDevices software. Another good thing about them they have a 30-day money back.

The next site would be the Apple Unlocker. This only comes second compared to the iJailbreak Pro as they do not provide you any extras when it comes to your smartphone.  They also take longer to finish jailbreaking your phone as it entail 10-16 minutes.  Another thing why this is second best is because of their lack of customer support. You need to e-mail them for they do not have any number for phone support. And the sad part of this is that, it takes a day before they reply back.  Technically, if you are after simply jailbreaking services this site is up to the task but it’s not exactly the best one.

The last choice for jailbreaking site would be the iJailbreak Tool. Apart from the fact that they offer services a jailbreaking solution for an Apple iPhone 5 series this is the least of my favorite. They have a phone number for customer support which is based in India and you can also e-mail them. Unlike the Apple Unlocker though, they only took a few hours to replying to my e-mail and got everything fixed in no time.

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