21 August 2013
Jailbreak iPhone 5
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Risks Involved to Jailbreak iPhone 5

JailBreak iOS 6The iPhone 5 is definitely the coolest phone one can have. From its design to its features, everything about this phone is top notch. However, the only downside of being an iPhone 5 user is that there are way too many stringent restrictions and controls that Apple has placed on its devices that limit the users to accessing and installing new and latest 3rd party applications on the phone which eventually leads to limited functionality. If you want to take full advantage of the awesome power of the iPhone 5, you will need to jailbreak the iPhone 5 to do it!

The reason why Apple has limited the users from doing so is to maintain a high level of quality and to ensure uniform usability along with outstanding mobile platform security. Many iPhone users accept this state of affairs and many don’t.

For those who want enhanced usability and want to install the latest 3rd party applications on their iPhones, jailbreaking is a good option.


Jailbreaking is the process of removing the restrictions and controls placed by Apple. Once you jailbreak, you can customize and install new applications, mods, themes, useful utilities, tweaks and more on your phone and increase its functionality beyond the limits imposed by Apple. However, it is important to realize that jailbreaking is not risk-free. Therefore, you must evaluate and weigh the risks and benefits before you jailbreak.

Risks Involved With Jailbreaking

Here are some threats you are likely to be exposed to when you jailbreak your iPhone:

  • Security Risk

Jailbreakers may experience high security risks. When you jailbreak your iPhone, you give up the security protection that Apple normally provides on its phones. It makes your iPhone more vulnerable to viruses because during jailbreak coding, the system could be installing malicious binaries as well.

  • Bricking

When you jailbreak, you tamper with the settings of your iPhone which exposes you to the risk of bricking. It renders your phone unusable and requires a complete wipe and ‘restore’ to make your phone functional again.

  • Voids Warranty

Though jailbreaking is no more illegal in the US, it still voids your iPhone’s warranty. So, if your phone gets damaged or malfunctions after you jailbreak, Apple will not fix it or cover any damages. Fortunately there is a site that provides a solution to restoring the Apple warranty.  They are jailbreakunlock.info.

  • Data-Hogging Applications May Drain Your Limit

If you install and frequently use too many data hogging applications like FaceTime over 3G, you might exceed the predetermined data usage limit. Once you do, you will have to incur extra charges that can be costly.

To eliminate these risks I recommend using jailbreakunlock.info. I found them on the internet awhile ago and tried them out. They gave clear, easy-to-follow instructions which made it super easy for someone like me to jailbreak many Apple devices. I bought their Gold Package which is $39.95 and allows me to jailbreak an unlimited number of Apple devices.


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