10 February 2015
Jailbreak iPhone 5
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Jailbreak Tweaks Your iPhone Should Not Be without

For every upgrade that Apple releases for its iOS, there is also an expected release of iPhone jailbreaks. This is not surprising anymore, and in fact, many iPhone users are looking forward to the new features and tweaks available after every jailbreak for iOS 8.1.2 and other versions. If your phone is running on iOS 7, here is a list of the most useful tweaks you must have.

AirBlue Sharing 7 – this tweak allows you to share all types of files through Bluetooth. It also makes it possible for you to send and receive files from Windows, OS X, and even Android.

Activator – allows users to delegate various actions for tasks including on-screen gestures and repeated pressing of buttons.

AdBlocker – just like what it does on web browsers, AdBlock blocks ads on third party browsers, and specifically on Safari.

BatterySafe – perfect for those always running out of battery. This tweak automatically turns off such features or apps that consume the most power, like Bluetooth, WiFi and screen brightness.

BiteSMS – allows users to quickly reply to SMS messages or even make a call without having to leave the app being used.

BetrFoldr – lets you get rid of all the blurry background of folders and make nested folder.

Bigify – allows users to modify the appearance of the homescreen through the application of various settings to icons. You can make your icons smaller or bigger, and you can even change their opacity.

CCHide – enables you to hide certain sections of Control Center that are not being used, thus making the CC less crowded and smaller.

DockShift – allows you to change the appearance of the dock. You may also make changes to the background by using various options.

FliPControlCenter – this tweak lets you remove, add and change the arrangement of the switches in the Control Center.

iCaught U – this enhances the security feature to your iPhone by allowing the device to take photos from the front camera whenever someone uses the wrong password.

Message Customiser – lets you choose what color you want for the bubbles in your SMS messages and iMessages.

NoSlowAnimations – enhances the speed of animaitons.

RecordMyScreen – offers an easy way to record your screen activity, which you may then share with your friends.

Swipey – allows you to launch your most frequently used apps from the homescreen. You just have to swipe to the opposite direction to use it.

Virtual Home – allows you to go to your homescreen even without pressing it.

How to Jailbreak an iPhone

There are so many other tweaks that will be available and accessible to you once you have performed a jailbreak iPhone 6 iOS 8.0. When it comes to choosing a reliable jailbreak tool, Jailbreak Unlock is your best option. It is a reliable and proven method for jailbreaking iPhones and iPads.

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