9 February 2015
Jailbreak iPhone 5
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Jailbreak Iphone And Enjoy These Amazing Camera Tweaks

There’s no denying that iPhone is the best smartphone in the market today, not only because of its efficiency as a mobile phone, but also because of the great features of its camera. It comes with the stock camera app that allows users to take amazing photos and also has different camera modes and filter. But there are so many more camera features out there you can take advantage of, and all you need to do is learn how to jailbreak a iPhone 6.

In this post you’ll get to know the best camera tweaks you can have on your jailbroken iPhone.


This jailbreak tweak offers 23 new filters you can have on your stock camera app. These filters are easily accessible. You just have to tap the tri-colored circles in the camera app to be able to apply the filters. It also allows you to rearrange and even enable/disable certain filters.


Originally, you have to tap your iPhone’s camera switch button at the right top button of your camera app to be able to switch between rear camera and front camera. Many users find this very inconvenient, though. With FlipCam, you can switch the cameras by simply tapping and holding the camera view in the app.

Live Effect Enabler

If your iPhone is running on an unsupported operating system, you can enjoy the live filters with this tweak. These filters are currently accessible in the most recent versions of iPhones, so if you have an iPhone 4, for example, this is the app you would want to have.

Minimal Camera

If you are someone who loves minimal and very simple things, you would surely enjoy this camera tweak. With Minimal Camera, all the distractions in the stock camera app will be removed or hidden. Thus, you will have a very clear view of the scene you wish to take pictures of.


The most annoying thing that could happen to you is when you fail to take a picture of a scene just because your phone is not ready yet. You no longer have to miss any special moments with the help of this camera tweak. With QuickShoot, you will be able to capture any moment even without getting the camera app open.

Camera Tweak 2

This tweak can give you the best picture taking experience you can have. The main features are the separate exposure and focus views, high resolution photos, lapse timer, plus videos at 144p to 2448p.

All these enhancements to your iPhone camera app can be yours and ready to be used by using Jailbreak Unlock to jailbreak iPhone 8.1.2 and other iPhone versions. With Jailbreak Unlock, you can enjoy so many features and capabilities of your iPhone that you never thought existed!

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