26 August 2013
Jailbreak iPhone 5
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iPhone 5 Jailbreaking Software That Will Truly Set Your Device Free

Although designed for unlimited possibilities, do you know your iPhone 5 has an in-built, undetectable “virtual jail” that could prevent you from exploring a world of opportunities?

What if I told you there was a simple tool that would allow you to roam networks just as easily as you switch lanes on expressways.


In this jailbreaking software review, I am going to discuss a new OFFICIAL iPhone 5 Jailbreaking Software that will help you jailbreak and unlock your current phone’s settings without jeopardizing its safety or effectiveness. In addition to covering basics about the software, I will also provide my unbiased review and opinion.


Top-jailbreak-tweaks-ios-6JailBreakUnlock.info is the latest cutting-edge software tool (app) to have entered the smartphone market. The software is unique from a variety of angles. Apart from being an official release that safely and cost-effectively (for less than the price of one week’s coffee bill) jailbreaks and unlocks your current iPhone, the software is praised by tech analysts and iPhone 5 experts as the “ultimate solution to put your device on steroids!”


Lifetime membership for less than the price of coffee


I am not going to get into the software’s unbelievably low cost. Like I said, for less than the price of one week’s coffee you can get lifetime membership and a host of cutting-edge support tools and features that even major software manufacturers shy away from.


My focus, here, however, is to give you a brief overview about the tool and how it can truly unlock a world of unlimited choices for your iPhone 5. No need to upgrade equipment or enter into expensive contracts.


Why jailbreak in the first place?


If you are content with the FEW (seriously, very few) choices and features — ringtones, games, apps, and other tools — provided by Apple then you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone. Unfortunately, not only are these options unreasonably LIMITED and truly expensive, you won’t be able to download many free (and some very useful) apps, ringtones, and tools simply because they are not recognized by “Big Brother” Apple. Now, if you are like me, you probably use your iPhone for everything (from finding parking space to booking movie tickets and more) and want to use your iPhone 5 to play to your beats, not Apple’s!


That is where jailbreaking comes into play. Once you download the iPhone 5 jailbreaking software, you will be able to jailbreak and unlock your phone to access a completely new dimension. From free apps, features, and tools to the ability to choose your own networks, the benefits are many.


I have used jailbreaking software and simply love it!


I am an addicted iPhone user and unless I am in the shower, you won’t be able to separate the two of us. My wife often jokes about how the phone is her toughest competitor.


Apart from its organizational and communication capabilities, I use my iPhone to do everything for me. When I first started using it, though, I would often receive error messages that prevented me from downloading some amazing apps. It was frustrating because I could clearly see the benefits of the tools I was trying to download. Most importantly, they were free and I couldn’t understand why I was being denied access to such simple features, especially when I paid for the device through my nose.


Finally, I truly hit the tipping point when I was not allowed to use my phone on other networks. That’s when I discovered iPhone 5 jailbreaking software. The moment I downloaded it, my phone made a sudden turnaround. The battery life was unbelievably efficient and the overall cost of calls came down phenomenally.


JailBreakUnlock.info worked for me. Seamless, efficient, easy!


JailBreakUnlock.info came in as my first choice. I loved the price and most importantly the process. All I had to do was download the software on my iPhone 5 and the rest was taken care of by the application’s automated tools. As soon as I hit download, the software’s intuitive and super-easy interface walked me through everything.


The process can be summarized in three simple steps — as easy as 1, 2, 3


  1. Choose your plan and download the software
  2. Install in seconds
  3. Explore an entirely new mobile universe … few minutes from start to finish


What to expect once you download the jailbreaking app


There are hundreds of benefits but I am going to touch on some important ones:


– Ability to download free apps, ringtones, games, and other tools

– No network restrictions (free to switch to a low-cost network)

– Access to in-built tools that were restricted prior to jailbreaking/unlocking

– Super-long battery life

– Cost savings

– Lower cost of calls

– Increase in device’s overall value

– And so much more …


I tried to dabble with the Do-It-Yourself approach at first, but was soon discouraged after I discovered how many people literally “euthanized” their iPhones while attempting self-help. The technical term for that is “bricking” and what that means is that your device malfunctions to such an extreme, it becomes practically lifeless — point of no return. That would be a criminal waste of hundreds of dollars.


Don’t get me wrong. I could have probably taken care of the jailbreaking manually using some complex manuals that are available online. While the process may work for some tech geeks out there, I really did not want to be bothered by the hassles associated with manipulating a hyper-complex mobile operating system. I would rather automate the details through an app that is designed for that very purpose.


How would I rate my experience with JailBreakUnlock.info?


Ideally, I would like to give it 11 on 10, but you will probably find that hard to believe so I would rate it a 9 on 10.


I am so glad I used the jailbreaking software. With such a low investment, I gained so much more. Most importantly, the software will pay itself many times over during the course of your iPhone’s lifecycle.

Visit www.jailbreakunlock.info

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