3 February 2015
Jailbreak iPhone 5
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How to Easily Jailbreak the iPhone 5

Jailbreaking an iPhone 5 helps you customize your cellphone.  It will help you install programs and applications from different third parties that you could not access because of the Apple’s company restrictions.

The Jailbreaking process

When it comes to jailbreaking the iPhone 5 it is quite easy. The first thing you need is to install the right software and then allow it to modify the iPhone 5 so that it will let the user download and install the different adversary software thus removing the different restrictions that Apple imposed.

  1. The Jailbreakunlock.info

Change the operating system and help increase your phone’s functionality with the Jailbreakunlock.info. This is my top pick among all the jailbreaking software.

Why you may ask?  Let me count the ways. This jailbreak software can break even the newest iOS 6.  It is very compatible when it comes to jailbreaking all the iphones.  It works well with Linux, Mac and Windows systems.

The cool thing about this software is that it keeps working even if you restart your phone.  This software can easily jailbreak all iOS 6.0 and 6.1 systems and models.  Another plus, Cydia becomes easily accessible.

To Jailbreak or Not to Jailbreak

If you have qualms regarding it, don’t be.  The jailbreaking process can be reversed in order for you to go back to your phone’s original format. Still a word of caution, do not go to the extent of “bricking” your iPhone 5.  When this happens then your phone cannot be used anymore.

Most people think that when you jailbreak an iPhone you will get into trouble.  But here is the thing, jailbreaking is legal and anyone can do it with the proper software. Apple is aware that jailbreaking is rampant and has not taken any legal actions against it. You do not have to worry about getting jailed for jailbreaking.

Summary: Jailbreaking has many advantages especially if you need to get the most of third party applications. For those who are not familiar with Jailbreaking, they will be surprise that the process is easy. To ensure that the readers get good software for jailbreaking, three top jailbreaking apps were presented in the article. Finally, the article closes by telling the readers that jailbreaking is not illegal.

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