4 February 2015
Jailbreak iPhone 5
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Best Apps for Jailbroken iPhones

So you have an iPhone but you’re not happy with the restrictions it has when it comes to downloading mobile apps. What do you do? Will you just be happy with that your iOS is giving you, or you’re going to start learning how to jailbreak iPhone 4 iOS 8.1? The latter is a very interesting option, so more and more people are using this method to better enjoy their smartphone.

If you’re still trying to make up your mind in terms of whether or not you’re going to jailbreak your iPhone, the best way to start is to familiarize yourself with the many different jailbreak apps:


If you want to do away with some of the interface elements in your iPhone iOS 8, this app is what you need. It allows you to personalize your iPhone in so many ways – change date text, modify lock screen elements, hide badges, customize Control Center, hide apps, and so many others.


One of the most popular and favorite apps for jailbroken iPhones is Activator. With this app, you may choose among the many custom actions to be used for button presses and gestures.


This jailbreak tweak for an iPhone is a popular app as well. By installing F.lux onto your iPhone, your device can adjust its temperature depending on the time of day. Thus, at night, your iPhone will have a warmer temperature, making your phone easier to read.


What WhiteBoard actually lets you do is change the look for your iOS device by applying some icons, themes, and a wide variety of personalized images to make your device totally yours.


This MyWi app provides for another iOS tethering, which you may pay for to your mobile phone carrier. While this app has some really amazing capabilities, it comes with a huge cost.


It is not surprising that you can now watch movies in Netflix on your mobile phone. If you take a closer look at your ordinary Netflix app, you will realize that trailers are not available. With this app, however, you can take advantage of the movie trailers so you can decide much easier if it’s something you want to watch or not.

Other Features of Jailbroken iPhones

There are numerous other apps out there available to jailbroken iPhones aside from what’s mentioned in this post. Needless to say, knowing how to jailbreak iPhone 5C iOS 8.1.1 can bring a lot of benefits to you as an iPhone user. Not only will these apps make the appearance of your iPhone much better and unique, but they can also boost your iPhone’s usability and functionality. If you’ve decided to do the same with your iPhone, the tool you should be looking for is Jailbreak Unlock, which is known as one of the best software around when it comes to jailbreaking an iPhone.

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