2 September 2013
Jailbreak iPhone 5
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9 Great Sports Games to Play after Jailbreaking

7-Best-Sports-Games-For-Your-PhoneWe came out with a list of the top ten games that you can play after you jailbreak your iPhone 5. But For many of us, sports games are what appeal the most. If you are a sports freak who thinks that iPhones have only a few good Sports game to offer, think again. There is a whole multitude of great sports game that you can play with your iPhone. We already told you about one – Fifa Soccer 13. Now we will tell you about 10 others – which are just as great, if not more!

  1. 1.     NBA Jam ($ 0.99): If you are a basketball fanatic and like Bryant and Jordan, then this is just the game for you. NBA Jam is a 278 MB sports application developed by Electronic Arts and is credited to be the first ever arcade basketball game which features licensed NBA players and teams. What’s special about the game? Perhaps the players themselves! Players can jump many times above their own height to make dunks and defy physics. The popularity of the game can be judged by the fact that it earned $ 1 Million in a quarter!


  1. 2.     Flick Golf ($ 0.99): For all those out there aiming to be the next Tiger Woods and Phil Micklesons, this game is a superb way to kill time. Considered to be the number 1 golf game application in the market, this game by Full Fat game developers has taken golf gaming to a different level. Among the regular features of a golf game, includes the ability of the player to take care of all the hurdles and hazards like bunkers, trees and wind. The new features include the World Tour from USA to Japan and a couple of new courses.


  1. 3.     Bowling Game 3D ($ 1.99): Like breaking pins? This game by Eivaa Games would be loved by all those who love bowling. Playable in 3 different modes (Single Player, Pass and Play, Against CPU) the game comes with new and improved graphics – and enjoyed better in your iPhone. That’s not all. You will also have an option of 8 different custom balls to choose from while playing the game. The best? It’s free once you jailbreak!


  1. 4.     Mike V: Skateboard Party ($ 1.99): This is the only HD skateboarding available in Apple iOS. What’s the game about? Created by Ratrod Studio Inc, the game is based on the movie actor turned skateboard pioneer Mike Vallely. Perhaps the best part of this skateboarding game lies in the number of achievements the user can unlock (over 30).  The customization of the skateboarder, right from the protective gears and clothing to the shoes, is another plus point. And if you are into skateboarding, the game can actually teach you almost 40 new tricks of the sport. Talk about learning while playing!


  1. 5.     9 Innings: 2013 Pro Baseball PLUS ($ 2.99): There are some games that takes the cake from others. 9 Innings by Com2uS USA Inc is one of them. Allowing you to play for real in 9 innings, the game is updated and synchronized according to the real 2013 league season. What’s the best? It includes over 1400 players from over 30 teams for you to choose from. If you are into baseball, this is the game for you.


  1. 6.     UFC Undisputed ($ 2.99): If you are in the mood for some kicks, this game is for you. Developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ, you get to see everything from punches, broken jaws and brutal fights. And more, the game features all the pro-fighting rosters like cage walls, cut and injury finishes and new arenas as well. It has over 25 fighters, competing in 5 different weight classes, which promises to be a belter.


  1. 7.     Virtual Tennis Challenge ($ 4.99): SEGA comes up with yet another fantastic sports game application, this time on tennis. Consisting of over 50 players competing in 18 different stadiums around the world, the game allows you to unleash new top spins, lobs and drop shots and make your opponent sweat. Best of all, the graphics and game play both are configured to your iOS device, making the play enjoyable. With a jailbreak, you might just save yourself around $5.


  1. 8.     Madden NFL 2013:  Another superb sports game application by Electronic Arts, Madden NFL 2013 is time based on the American Football or the National Football League. The game features all the Nike uniforms, high range lighting and real-life shots from the life of the legend Ray Lewis and contains more than 430 new catch animations along with more than 82 hours of commentary from Nantz and Simms. If you are looking for stars, the game was given a rating of 9 out of 10 by the critics! 


NBA 2K13 ($ 7.99): This game is a bit huge at 1.33 GB and if you have a 16 GB iPhone, you might think twice about installing it. That being said, the game play more than makes up for the huge space you require installing it. Whether it is reliving some of the best matches ever played or playing through various NBA seasons, you have it all with NBA 2K13. More, the gamefeatures TV style presentations with updated teams and rankings and has received critical acclaims and a “Metacritic” rating of 88 out of 100! And if you are still thinking whether it deserves eating up your iPhone space, consider this fact – within 24 hours of releasing, over 9.5 million copies were sold worldwide!

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