16 September 2013
Jailbreak iPhone 5
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10 Travel Apps you will love to use after Jailbreaking

google-translateToday, we come up with a list of top 10 travel apps which would be more fun to use after jailbreaking your iPhone. It is directed towards users who travel for work, fun, relaxation or experience or maybe a combination of all of the above. From preparing your trip to booking, finding a hotel to changing currency, finding your way to finding food, looking for coolest attractions nearby to keeping yourself entertained, iPhone really does have plenty of apps. But sadly, these apps do not come for free.

Well, jailbreaking your iPhone can of course make everything free for you! No need to pay any more money. Imagine the possibility of carrying maps, compass, and guidebook all in a smart phone. This saves you with a lot of time and money!

For all the travel loving people, we bring you with 10 travel apps which you would definitely love to have. Travelling after all, is fun and you should never be bogged down by other worries. Your iPhone should be the companion you need to solve out all your issues.

  1. 1.     Google Translate ($0.99): Ah we,, Google Translate is free in PCs. But in iOS? It costs you nearly $1! The only reason perhaps is because iOS is owned by Apple. But why should you pay for something that is otherwise free? More imagine such a scenario.  You are stuck in a foreign land with no one to talk to. You do not understand what the other person is saying to you. Or perhaps you need to look up what some words in another language actually mean! Well, Google translate allows you to receive translation for 15 languages by speaking into the phone, translate text between 57 languages, text-to-speech for more than 35 languages and many more features.
  2. 2.     Flight Track ($4.99):  This app by Mobiata Technology helps you track your flights worldwide with real-time info and zoomable maps. What’s special about it? For one, it will inform you in case of cancellation and will find alternate trips with just a single click! With the coverage of more than 3000 airports and 1400 airlines, this app is a must to have.
  3. 3.     HearPlanet ($3.99): Hard to carry tour guide of places to visit in your pocket? Well, the iOS store has a solution for you with the HearPlanet app! So why is this app made for you? Consider this. With more than 300,000 locations to search from, you can search by category; including food and drink, landmark, recreation, and more. This app will save and arrange locations, so that you can use it even in offline mode. With this app, you can share whereabouts with family and friends, and also send postcards via Facebook, email and SMS.
  4. 4.     Air Sharing ($8.99): This app from Avatron Software helps you work even when you are abroad. It lets you create a wireless hard disk, so that you can transfer files between two devices in same wireless network. Good thing about this app is that it supports many file formats like HTML, PDF, Microsoft Office and even source codes with color formatting can be saved.
  5. 5.     JetSet Expenses ($4.99): Going on a trip with limited budget? Don’t know where you spent all your money? This app by BriteMac LLC not only lets you keep track of money which you spent during travel but can also generate reports in CSV format so that you can directly mail it to the company for reimbursement. With more than 15 major expenditure categories and 100+ subcategories, you can directly select type of payment and classify them in groups without typing. You can also sort your expenses on the basis of category or a date.
  6. 6.     WorldMate Gold ($9.99): This app not only helps you organize trips and book flights; it also helps you with booking & planning and other travel tools like Currency Converter, weather forecast. Just mail at trips@worldmate.com, all your flight, hotel and car rental travel arrangement and you are all set! They will let you know if any better deal is available; any offers which you can avail and so on.
  7. 7.     Packing Pro ($2.99): Don’t know what to take to a convention? Which items to take for babies? This app is just for you. Built with sample packing lists, this app helps you customize your packing on the basis of number of people, location, no. of days as well as food preparation inclinations.
  8. 8.     Where To? ($2.99): Not sure where to go for dinner? Is there any ATM nearby? “Where To” by FutureTap GmbH helps you find nearest places to eat burgers, to finding closest steak house, ATM or almost any other thing with a single click. With few clicks, you can find place you are searching for, in the order of distance from your current location. It’s “Shake to Surprise” feature is a definite for people who want to try new things.
  9. 9.     Track My Trip ($0.99): Going on a ride? Want to know the expense and mileage? This app by Crystal Hitech IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. lets you keep track of all the journeys which you have made along with the feature of seeing map of your start and end points. You can even take photos of landmarks and it automatically saves the distance of landmark. Using its easy email service, you can send selected trips to your friends and relatives.
  10. 10.  Kayak Pro ($0.99): This mobile travel app helps you book flights, search for hotels and even compare deals. With this app, you can plan your full program with a single click. You can also look for terminal maps of over 100 airports with airline number and baggage fees info.

Travelling is simple and you should really not worry about getting the right app to plan it! What you need is to search some good apps that can help you plan out the perfect destination.


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