5 February 2015
iPhone 5
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The Best Themes to Have After You Jailbreak iPhone iOS 8.0

If you have finally jailbroken your iPhone, the next thing you should do is prettify it using the best themes for jailbroken iPhones. It doesn’t matter if you want a flat look or something that showcases the rich textures of your mobile phone; there is definitely a theme that will suit your taste. Here we’ll give you a list of the very best themes you can use after you jailbreak iPhone iOS 8.0.

Ayecon. This is an amazing theme that you can have not only in your iPhone, but also in your iPad. This theme has more than 100 custom icons and masks to coordinate all elements of your screen. Ayecon puts emphasis on offering depth to the iOS by putting together the stellar parts of the iOS 7 with the ones that can still be enhanced. This is the perfect theme for those who like the iOS 7 but also want the depth quality of the previous iOS.

Ayeris. In contrast with Ayecon, this theme is more on the flat elements of the iOS 7. It also comes with a new dock, new Settings, Mail, and others.

Zanilla. This is another flat theme which actually does not change the appearance of the iPhone, but instead enhances it and makes it look even better. It comes with an icon mask and a couple of custom icons. You would also love the shadows it has. This theme also applies to the Settings, including a Lock screen slider.

Flat7. This is a very popular theme in the iOS 7 basically because of its flat square icons that have rounded edges. If you want to be more unique, its circular icon option is something you will love. There is also the hexagonal mask that is very rarely seen in an iPhone.

iRa. This theme boasts of over one hundred customized icons. It is so colorful and bold, which is very unique among most icons that the iOS has. And because most of the iOS 7 is flat already, iRa icons fit in perfectly. With this theme, the status bar and messages app also become customizable.

UltraFlat. If you really want a flat theme, this is possible the flattest one you can find. This theme is very simple also, but actually looks much more sophisticated compared with Apple’s own designs. All you need to do is tap one setting in the Winterboard and all changes will be applied.

If you can’t wait to have any of these themes on your iPhone, all you have to do is learn how to jailbreak an iPhone 4S iOS 8. There are several tools online you can use for this, like Jailbreak Unlock. What’s special about Jailbreak Unlock is that it allows you to jailbreak multiple phones with just one subscription. Check out their website and jailbreak your iPhone now!

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